Business and Investment Strategy

MDO’s primary role is to attract reputable national and international mining and mineral development players, along with the requisite investment, technical wherewithal and talent, to drive the commercialisation of Oman’s prodigious mineral resources. The goal is to join hands with strategic partners of global stature, as well as competent local players, to create the necessary ‘critical mass’ to kick-start the development of specific mineral assets via the creation of subsidiaries.

As a holding company, MDO’s shareholding in each of these subsidiaries, will be determined by MDO Board of Directors based on the strategic nature of the project, its value addition to Oman, and the technical and commercial expertise offered by the strategic partner.

MDO is committed to ventures developed in an optimal manner, particularly where the benefits include a direct financial return, and provide opportunities for livelihood development and economic prosperity to the concession areas and to Oman in general.

Salient features of MDO’s strategic objectives:

  • To support investments in large-scale commercial mining and mineral processing
  • Develop mining-related transport and logistics infrastructure
  • Support centralised marketing of mineral commodities
  • Drive local capacity building
  • Explore partnerships with global players
  • Accelerate technology and knowhow transfers
  • Create employment opportunities
  • Stimulate downstream value addition