About Us

As the new flagship of Oman’s mining and mineral processing industry, Minerals Development Oman (MDO) seeks to build on the nation’s rich and ancient mining heritage that goes back over 5,000 years.

Then, Magan – as Oman was known in antiquity – was fabled for its copper mining and smelting industry. The burnished metal, fashioned into a variety of implements and wares, was shipped to markets as far afield as Mesopotamia in present-day Iraq.

Today, decades into its modern history, Oman is on the cusp of a new mining and mineral development renaissance – this time around encompassing a diverse portfolio of metallic and non-metallic minerals distributed across the length and breadth of the Sultanate. Besides copper, Oman is also richly endowed with deposits of limestone, gypsum, quartz, silica, marble, chromite, laterite, magnesium and kaolinite, among an array of other minerals.

In the government’s view, mining ticks all of the boxes as a new economic sector with the potential to enhance Oman’s long-term economic diversification. A new Mining Law, underpinned by a robust regulatory framework, is on the anvil to help attract local and international investment into this nascent industry. Charged with driving the sound growth of this promising economic sector is the Ministry of Energy and Minerals.

Established in 2016 with a capital of 100 million Omani Rials, Minerals Development Oman (MDO) is as a partnership between:

MDO has been set up with a strategic vision to unleash the potential of Oman’s mining sector in support of the socioeconomic progress of the Omani population, notably through employment creation, local capacity building, small business growth, community sustainable development, and GDP growth.